Windowz Explorer

Easily browse through the folders and subfolders on your computer, as well as manage files by copying, moving, deleting or renaming them.

  • Windowz Explorer
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Parisa MollaAghazade

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Windowz Explorer Description

Windowz Explorer is a simple to use application which allows you to explore the contents of the folders stored on your computer. The program allows you to easily view the folder tree structure on the left side and expand each node with one simple mouse click. Moreover, you may easily open supported files.

Explore folders and subfolders

Windowz Explorer is reliable, easy to use and features a familiar interface, due to its resemblance to the Windows native folder browsing software. The program’s interface is split in two, the left side displaying the folder tree structure. You may view the subfolder contained in each directory, from the main drive.

The right area is designed for file viewing: simply click on a folder in the tree structure or double click any subfolder in the file viewing side. You may view the full contents of any of the selected directories.

File management and system monitoring

Windowz Explorer allows you to quickly rename the files you view, to copy or move them. The options can be accessed from the context menu, by right-clicking on the desired file. Similarly, right-clicking on a blank area prompts the options available for the software itself: file display, sorting, viewing folder properties or creating a new sub-directory.

Moreover, a shortcut to creating a new file or refreshing the current view are also available. Windowz Explorer ensures quick access to certain system monitoring functions, such as Control Panel, Network Connections or Uninstall Program. You may also view the list of services and open the Registry Editor.

Reliable Windows viewer

Windowz Explorer resembles the native Windows folder browser, allowing you to quickly view the contents of any selected drives. The program offers similar functions to Windows Explorer, such as expand tree nodes, view/open files, move or rename them. You may only open files that are normally supported on your computer.

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