Quickly synchronize folders, migrate files, remove duplicate items, as well as update playlists, with this simple to use application.

  • RoMoRDuP
  • Version :0.60 RC2 Beta
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Accept86

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RoMoRDuP Description

RoMoRDuP facilitates folder synchronization, as well as file transfer, renaming and duplicate removal. The program allows you to perform the tasks with simple parameters, but also allows you to set advanced options. You may also save the current settings configuration in a profile, for further use.

Quick folder synchronization

RoMoRDuP allows you to mirror the contents of a source folder into the indicated destination. It allows you to select between several types of synchronization: one-way or two-way file transfer, as well as remove additional files. The program performs checksum verification with every task it accomplishes, in order to avoid overwriting or file duplication.

Thus, the one-way folder synchronization with file removal allows you to move only certain files from the source directory. Some files may be moved back in the target folder if its structure is the same with the source directory. Moreover, files can accidentally be deleted, which is why you need to verify the files in the TaskViewer.

Hash calculator and TaskViewer tools

RoMoRDuP heavily relies on file hash comparison, in the attempt to avoid creating duplicates or overwriting items. The supported algorithm is MD5 and the resulting code for each file is displayed in the TaskViewer. This is a useful management tool, which allows you to verify the files to be processed before the task is accomplished.

The program automatically skips files that already exist in the target folder, during directory synchronization. It can also remove duplicate files from one folder and allows you to rename files from TaskViewer.

File filtering and playlist updating

RoMoRDuP allows you to generate file filters for the folder synchronization, by specifying file extensions to be either included or excluded from the process. Moreover, it can also update playlists, if such types of files exist in the source/target folders and allows you to create a separate filter for them. The TaskViewer also allows you to preview the structure of the target folder before running the transfer.

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