Windows 10 Data Usage Reset Scripts

Create a backup of data usage files in order to reset and start tracking from scratch either through an automated or manual handling of the operation.

  • Windows 10 Data Usage Reset Scripts
  • Version :Ver3.b
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Hendrik Vermaak

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Windows 10 Data Usage Reset Scripts Description

Sure enough the majority of the world has access to Internet, but it’s not exactly evenly distributed. In other words, you might only be allowed to use a particular amount of data per month and want to reset it at the end to have accurate tracking. In this regard, Windows 10 Data Usage Reset Scripts help you back up, reset, and restore data usage files.

Easy backup and reset of data usage files

One first thing which needs to be mentioned is that the package contains a series of batch files which get you through the operation. Some are specially designed for 1-click management, while others allow you to manually view and manage data usage files in Windows in case you want to create a backup.

There are several ways to reset data usage through default Windows functions and commands, but it can get rather tedious. What’s more, there’s an overview section in the Settings panel which displays thorough usage in the past 30 days. Once you run this program, data usage is reset to zero so you can start tracking usage for the next period.

Scripts for manual and automatic operation handling

As mentioned, there are several batch files which require administrative privileges for proper functionality. There are a couple of unattended functions you can run. One of them creates a backup of data usage files before resetting, while the other simply resets the entire configuration. There’s also a dedicated file which brings up the Windows data usage overview panel.

The rest of the batch files are more or less manual. You’re guided through several steps inside a command prompt interface. The location of the data usage files is brought up for manual backup and removal, while restoring works in a similar manner, just in case you want to use an older set of backup files.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Windows 10 Data Usage Reset Scripts is a lightweight tool which helps you keep better track of data usage on the long run. File sets can be manually or automatically backed up, reset, and restored when needed.

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