Cheewoo Multi CAM

Create CNC cote for pipe cutting and sheet profiling by choosing an appropriate design and adjusting dimensions and values to meet your demand.

  • Cheewoo Multi CAM
  • Version:2.2.1003.1025
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:CHEEWOO Engineering

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Cheewoo Multi CAM Description

Industrial machines can create and assemble virtually anything for us. Specialized CNC machines can cut various materials into shapes you need, all based on a set of instructions. In this regard, Cheewoo Multi CAM comes with the means to help you generate NC code for both pipe profile cutting and CNC sheet 2D cutting.

Suitable for pipe and plate cutting plans

On the bright side of things, the application runs even if a CNC machine isn’t connected to your computer. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be, since the application lets you specify the values for the template you need and exports the code as a dedicated NC file to then send to the machine of interest.

The application is specialized in creating bogh 3D CNC pipe profile cutting code, as well as 2D CNC sheet cutting instructions for composite machines. The interface offers comprehensive instructions and details for properly filling up values fields. There are multiple templates to choose from for pipes and plates.

Detailed representations and cutting plans provided

As far as the pipe category is concerned, you can create code for both pipe branch and trunk. The application comes with an impressive variety of styles, showing detailed representations of the pipe and its plan. Each has its own set of values mostly referring to cutting dimensions, and you can choose to mirror changes.

Plates are delivered in a similar manner. You can create code for poly shape, arc shape, and complex shape. Representations help you find the one you need, and value input is intuitive enough.

You might want to pay a visit to the settings panel in order to define pipe and plate cutting parameters, as well as common settings which allow you to define control axis, M code, piercing time, cutting kerf shape, and whether or not to return to start position when finished cutting.

A few last words

To sum it up, Cheewoo Multi CAM is a powerful application which can generate CNC machine code for various pipe and plate shapes. It offers detailed representations of parts and profiles, while filling up values is an easy task. The necessary code is generated at the press of a button.

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