WiFi Hotspot Scanner

Detects all available WiFi hotspots nearby along with their signal strength to connect to the Internet, examine and save reports.

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WiFi Hotspot Scanner Description

WiFi Hotspot Scanner is an intuitive and very easy to understand piece of software developed to provide you with the means of locating the nearest WiFi networks that you can connect to, requiring a minimal effort from you.

Clean yet unimpressive looks

The program’s interface is basic at best, as it simply features a ‘Start WiFi Scan’ button that you can press to retrieve the available information, which is then displayed in the results window.

In addition, the recovered details can be exported to several file formats, enabling you to easily store them on your computer for later usage.

Detect all available WiFi connections in just one click

For starters, WiFi Hotspot Scanner requires you to have a Wireless network adapter, either integrated in your system or a removable one, otherwise it is unable to perform the operation or retrieve any results.

Provided that the condition is satisfied, you can click on ‘Start WiFi Scan’ and within moments, the application will display the found connections, along with their name, ‘Security Type’, ‘Signal’, ‘Channel’, ‘Physical Type’, ‘MAC Address’ and the moment it was ‘Last Detected’.

The details can be exported to a HTML, CSV, TXT or XML file, so the next time you may happen to need this information, you can access the document, without having to launch the software itself.

Basic WiFi detector

To sum it up, WiFi Hotspot Scanner is a very simple tool whose main aim is to assist you in discovering the available Wireless connections, also letting you learn a series of characteristics about them in the process.

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