Advanced program that helps you remotely administer SNMP or TCP/IP devices, check out a geographical view of the entire network on a map, and configure alarms and email notifications.

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CloudViewNMS Description

CloudViewNMS is a professional software application whose purpose is to help network administrators remotely control SNMP or TCP/IP devices by providing a geographical view of the entire network and troubleshooting, monitoring and configuration capabilities. It is based on a client-server system that allows secure network monitoring actions for multiple remote users at the same time.

Clean feature lineup

The program integrates a wide array of dedicated parameters but the layout doesn’t look crowded at all. It actually sports user-friendly looks and a well-organized suite of features.

The devices are displayed in an Explorer-like interface and highlighted with different colors in order to signal their status. For example, green is used for indicating that the device communication is good, red stands for no communication with the device, while yellow points out that there are some warnings about the device in the alarm log.

The devices are also shown on a map and you may drag and drop them to the desired position. The multi-tabbed layout gives you quick access to a set of monitoring options, such as current and history events, network inventory, link inventory, connected agents, service inventory, top 10 interfaces, web monitor and TFTP server.

There’s also support for a web-driven interface that can be accessed via computers/tablets/phones regardless of the OS (Linux, Mac OS), Android phones/tablets, iPhone/iPad and Win8 phones/tablets. You just need to enter your IP address in your web browser in order to gain access to the web-console GUI.

Monitoring options

You can keep a list with all users, create links and submaps in order to get a realistic view of your network, configure alarms and email notifications, as well as set up a master password for making sure other users cannot gain access to your sensitive information. Running CloudViewNMS as a Windows Service can also be done in order to automatically restart the app when the server reboots.

CloudViewNMS gives you the possibility to monitor data using graphical tools, such as speedometer, line or bar graphs. You may reconfigure the line graph window parameters and polling interval.

The application gives you the possibility to automatically discover devices via SNMP, TCP/IP and Microsoft domains, check out historical reports of real port, interface rates and utilization, work with an embedded Telnet, and back up all functions of all the maps/devices/alarms/settings.

In addition, CloudViewNMS comes with a powerful suite of event monitoring options with configurable alarm actions, scripts and sound notifications. It lets you schedule important device/network maintenance operations and keep an eye on website performance and response time.

Bottom line

All things considered, CloudViewNMS comes with an advanced and comprehensive suite of features for helping you remotely administer SNMP or TCP/IP devices, and is suitable especially for advanced users.

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