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Automate how you extract data from various websites that you find interesting around the web by to improve your overall performance and speed.

  • WebSundew Pro
  • Version:4.7.1 Build 1318
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:SundewSoft

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WebSundew Pro Description

While APIs are great if you are looking to interact with the system, let us not forget that there are many limitations to the data available via these sources. Simply put, if you are looking to extract data from a website, then using a scraper tool is usually a more efficient option.

WebSundew Pro is an intuitive, yet powerful tool that enables you to scrape websites and retrieve precious data and information quickly and easily.

Relatively crowded, but intuitive interface

The program comes wrapped in a stylish and appealing interface that includes 2 main sections, namely the workspace where you can check out your workspace and agents and a panel where you can preview the page you are scraping info from.

It is necessary to mention that in the lower section of the interface, you can view various smaller tabs that provide some relevant data, such as problems encountered, reports, progress, properties or the navigation path. Although useful, having all these tabs opened can give the impression of a cluttered workspace.

Comes with an agent that does all the job for you

The trump card of the application is the agent feature, a function that you can setup so that the information retrieval is done automatically. Not only does it overpass pages that are overloaded with Java scripts, but it can be configured to help you download the exact type of content you need.

More correctly, you can collect tables and lists, simple data such as product information, linked tag or data patterns. In addition, you can create a model of capturing based on the type of information you need. For instance, you can collect data such as model, price, features, manufacturer or rating for a website where you sell cars or motorcycles. On a side note, the app does not support scrapping from flash objects and PDF files yet.

An easy-to-use app to retrieve website data

If you are looking for a tool to help you retrieve data from other sites and avert the time-consuming copy and paste method, then WebSundew Pro might be the tool to give you a hand.

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