+A Bulk Domain Checker

Check the availability of various web domains, view detailed information about them and export the data to several formats, with this useful application.

  • +A Bulk Domain Checker
  • Version:2.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Conity Software

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+A Bulk Domain Checker Description

+A Bulk Domain Checker is a powerful utility that can scan large numbers of domains and determine whether or not they are available. If the domains are taken, the program displays their registration and expiration dates.

The application features a novice-friendly wizard mode, and it can also generate domains based on keywords or find them on the web.

Intuitive program that includes a user-friendly quick start wizard

+A Bulk Domain Checker provides helpful instructions every step of the way, and the wizard mode can guide novices through the entire process.

The application also comes with offers extensive online documentation, so inexperienced users should be able to get the hang of things quite easily.

Find domain names on the web or generate them based on keywords

If you already know which domains you want to check, you can just import them and let the application do its thing. However, given that this program is capable of verifying large numbers of domains, you may wish to gather them from other sources as well.

+A Bulk Domain Checker can create additional domain names based on a list of provided keywords, as well as generate misspelled variations of a provided name.

Additionally, the application is can find more domains via Google, using the keywords you have entered.

Offers a handy WHOIS lookup tool and supports multiple output formats

If you wish to find information about a certain domain’s server, you can take advantage of the built-in lookup utility.

Once you have obtained the data you need, you can export the list to an HTML, TXT, CSV or XML file. Moreover, you can specify which columns should be included in the output document.

All in all, +A Bulk Domain Checker is a reliable utility that can help you check the availability of numerous domains with minimal effort. It is very simple to use and allows you to generate or find additional domains.

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