Watery Desktop 3D Screensaver

A desktop screensaver that will add water effects such as waves or rain and reacts to your mouse pointer, making your computer time more interactive.

  • Watery Desktop 3D Screensaver
  • Version :4.07
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :PUSH Entertainment

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Watery Desktop 3D Screensaver Description

Watching the movements of the water can have a calming effect. Watery Desktop 3D Screensaver is a program that makes your screen look like it’s under water.

The app has a simple interface that is extremely easy to figure out. Furthermore, it plays two roles at the same time, both of animated wallpaper and screensaver.

Since it is an animated wallpaper, Watery Desktop creates ripples all over the screen. Also, any mouse action produces a motion. The app comes with several preset actions, such as rain, glide waves and storm, just to name a few. By default, all the options are selected, but you can easily settle at a single one of them.

Furthermore, their order can be randomized by enabling the “Shuffle” option from the interface.

The time delay is also adjustable, with presets varying from ten seconds and going up to ten minutes. Also, the water density and brightness can be adjusted. The animated wallpaper may be set to run at system startup.

The screensaver is rather similar and it can emulate various water movements. The preset is changed at a user-defined interval and it can be displayed over the desktop wallpaper. The background brightness may be adjusted with the help of a slider, as well as the water density. These options are available through the regular Windows Screensaver settings.

The bottom line is that Watery Desktop 3D Screensaver is a nice program that can put a new twist to the way you use the computer. Inexperienced users should find the software easy to use and customize, thanks to the intuitive interface.

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