Newsprompt Chrome Extension

View news articles’ headlines directly in Google Chrome’s New Tab section by using this lightweight, reliable extension that requires no configuration.

  • Newsprompt Chrome Extension
  • Version :21.1.3
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Newsprompt

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Newsprompt Chrome Extension Description

If you like to keep yourself updated with the latest news while you are working on your computer, you might need to turn to third-party applications that can help you achieve quick, convenient results.

One of the software solutions that can come in handy in the situation depicted above is Newsprompt Chrome Extension, as its simplicity and efficiency appeals to a wide variety of users.

Please note that since this utility is a Google Chrome extension, you need to provide it with the corresponding web browser so that it can run properly on your PC.

No interface, no configuration

This lightweight extension comes with no actual interface, as it integrates itself completely into your web browser, making it easy to operate with no significant efforts.

More so, it does not require you to perform any additional configuration steps, since its purpose is simply providing you with headlines for the latest news on the Internet using various sources.

Access news articles by opening a new tab

You can turn to Newsprompt Chrome Extension if you need a quick way to keep yourself updated with the latest news without actually navigating to dedicated news websites. Opening a new tab provides you with several headlines for several news articles and lets you access the full articles by simply clicking them.

Additionally, you can switch between two modes, Top News and Trending, but also use the main menu to change the desired categories, according to your preferences. You are also provided with a search bar in the same New Tab section that you can use by typing the custom content in the field and clicking the magnifying glass button or hitting Enter on your keyboard.

Lets you view news headlines in the New Tab section of Google Chrome

All in all, Newsprompt Chrome Extension is a lightweight extension that can help you view news articles’ headlines by opening a new tab in Google Chrome. It integrates itself well in the host web browser, requires no additional configuration and can be operated by a wide variety of users.

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