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Break large projects into tasks and events, manage calendar entries and set up alarms to alert you of upcoming schedules with this powerful planner.

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Watership Planner Description

The better you organize your time, the closer you push a project to success. Planning is an important step, with the possibility to break a project down into multiple tasks for more efficiency. With the help of applications like Watership Planner you can easily keep track of both personal and business related activities.

Take your time with accommodation

On the visual side of things, elements seem to blend in trying to make you accommodate a little better, which is a good thing considering the amount and depth of customization. General areas like overview, projects, tasks, calendar, day and charts are stored in tabs, with the rest of the space revealing content upon access.

The application seems to cover all you need in order to manage personal and business hours. However, the lack of a stronger connection between elements can get frustrating at times, especially when creating a task in a specific area and hopelessly waiting for it to appear in the dashboard, with no prompt that it’s displayed somewhere else.

Manage tasks in a calendar

Except for the calendar counterpart, you might want to pay a great deal of attention when adding an item, especially to the type. Creation screens mostly revolve around time, with options to thoroughly manage repetition and trigger. Alarms are amongst the elements you can attach to any event, project or task, customizable with sound, running a program or taking you to a specific website.

If you quickly want to set up tasks, the calendar is the best solution. The view can be set to display days or weeks, with a column letting you analyze and manage tasks and events. A side panel lets you quickly add new items by simply filing in requirement fields for each day.

Import and export options are rather shallow, and unless Access is a part of your daily routine, there’s no use in trying to save data to file. These are limited to grabbing data from your Access account, but only if it’s installed, with no option to generate a file to later one import in the supported application.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Watership Planner is packed with a lot of potential and tools that make sure you don’t miss appointments and stay on the right track with your personal and business projects. You need to invest some time in accommodation and learning where and how to manage each item, but once you get the hang of it, your work is considerably enhanced.

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