Reservation Master Pro

A simple to use application that enables you to manage your hotel business, by booking reservations, checking guests in and generating invoices.

  • Reservation Master Pro
  • Version:6.00 R02 (Build 25)
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Goldhill Ltd

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Reservation Master Pro Description

Reservation Master Pro is a comprehensive program that enables you to easily manage your business in hotels, motels, guest houses, lodges, inns, bed and breakfast or campgrounds. The application works as a digital front-end assistant, allowing you to book reservations, perform check-ins, monitor stays or generate invoices.

Reservation view and calendar

Reservation Master Pro allows you to view a dashboard of room reservations statuses, based on occupied rooms and duration of stay. Alternatively, you can view the situation in calendar mode and quickly add, remove or edit entries.

The application allows you to create both individual guest reservations, as well as group reservations for close rooms. Moreover, you can manage business details, such as contact data, taxes, available rooms and rates, tariffs, packages, preferences, accepted payment, holiday lists and reports.

Each payment method can be assigned a different color, so you can easily identify guests that have opted to pay in cash, with credit cards or those who already paid the deposit. Moreover, you can mark returning or corporate guests, reservations made via travel agencies, as well as web reservations.

Services for guests

Once a guest has been added to the database, you can book a reservation, mark their stay, check them in, modify their bill in real time and generate invoices .The application features several tabs, each for the preferred view: calendar, today’s guests, arrivals, departures, occupancy, available rooms or products’ list.

Moreover, you can create several usernames and assign permissions to different areas of the software. You may design and generate periodical reports on guests, arrivals, house keeping, occupancy, payments, packages or group listings.

A bundle of useful features

In addition to Reservation Master, Reservation Master Pro offers you the calendar view tab or the possibility of creating HTML pages displaying the occupancy dates. Moreover, you can export data to PDF, view the products in a separate tab, monitor sales to non-staying guests or manage product inventory. You can also create a layout tab, in which to display a plan of the hotel/motel/complex and create usernames to restrict access to certain aspects of the application.

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