Efficient tool that can help you view and switch the partitions available on the SD cards used for storing images on Canon digital cameras.

  • WASP
  • Version :1.02
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Dave Mitchell

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WASP Description

Photography enthusiasts who still use Canon cameras that have been released prior to 2011 may be aware that such models can only run CHDK from dual partition cards formatted as FAT16. Furthermore, the maximum size for one partition is 4 GB and therefore larger cards need to be partitioned into two smaller, FAT16 and FAT32 partitions.

Windows operating system will not allow people to see both of the partitions in such cases and they might have difficulties in viewing and handling data between the two. WASP is an application that was developed in order to help users view the partitions present on dual-partition cards and easily swap between them.

Featuring an interface that will automatically detect the partitions available on the storage cards, the application will allow one to view information about the operating system and the card itself. Details about the size, format type (FAT16 / FAT32) and the partition status will be offered and people will be able to switch to the required partition

Facilitating the ease with which files can be transferred to and from the required partition, the application does however have some important requirements that users must consider. The used storage cards mustn’t be locked and in order to detect the new active partition, the cards must be ejected and re-inserted.

Additionally, people who are logged on their Windows 7 / 8 operating systems as general users will not be able to run the application, since its commands rely on API calls that require administrative privileges.

System requirements

  • Java
  • Canon digital camera.
  • Storage card.
  • Administrative privileges on Win 7 / 8.

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