Take advantage of this powerful utility that helps you schedule your computer’s power options using a counter or several other conditions.

  • Shutdown7
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Marius Lutz

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Shutdown7 Description

With the help of the right application any activity or event can be scheduled. When it comes to the computer’s power options, Shutdown7 gives you the possibility to carefully program them according to several specified options.

Choose conditions for the process to start

Running the application brings up a small main window featuring several options put at your disposal, to offer a large variety of scheduling conditions. Basic functions are available so you can set an exact hour or a countdown timer.

Furthermore, a selected computer power option can be activated once a specified window is closed, so when work is done you simply shut down your machine by exiting an application. Another trigger is when a file gets deleted or, to help you fall asleep faster, it can play a selection of songs after which it runs the given command.

Does the job good but missing some features

Scheduling options put at your disposal are slightly rough around the edges. If you need to make a power option recurrent it can only be done by setting an exact hour along with the option to launch the application on startup.

Another useful missing feature is the hotkey support, having seen that it mainly stays hidden in the system tray. Once an option is activated, the application automatically closes, so unless you just need to shut down your system, you need to run it every time you want to schedule a new activity.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Shutdown7 wants to refresh the already existing concept, but it needs to try a little harder. It can get a little difficult to work with unless using it strictly for what the name implies. Overall, it makes for a good application only if you think conventional ways of shutting down your computer are overrated.

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