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Helps you monitor and edit Reliance Electric DPI or MDI parameters while also displaying connected devices and peripherals in a hierarchical view.

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VS Utilities Description

If you own Reliance Electric devices and need a quick, effortless way to manage them from a single location, you can turn to specialized software, such as VS Utilities.

This application enables you to monitor and edit parameters for Reliance Electric DPI and MDI products or adapters while providing you with an intuitive display of connected devices.

Simple setup

Installing this product on your computer does not require advanced PC skills since no advanced configuration is required on your side.

In order to deploy it successfully, you just need to accept the End User License Agreement and follow the instructions provided by the installer. At the end of the process, you are prompted to restart your system, but it is possible that you can skip this step and perform it later.

Plain interface

Visually-wise, this application is not the most well-endowed one, since its interface is quite outdated. However, the functions it shelters are fairly easy to comprehend and operate.

You can access a standard configuration window by choosing the Configure Communication option under the Explore menu. It is possible to make a choice between Ethernet or Serial connection modes and also specify default port, baud value, checksum type and timeout amount.

Displays items in a Windows Explorer-like manner

After you properly configure VS Utilities, you can display the identified items in a hierarchical view, which is similar to Windows Explorer, for easier management.

You can use this application to connect to a node (local or network one), navigate between devices, compare device settings, handle products and peripherals, modify communication adapter settings, control a drive and set passwords for your desired products.

Comprehensive parameter editor and monitor for Reliance Electric devices

To wrap it up, VS Utilities is a reliable toolkit that can help you monitor Reliance Electric DPI or MDI products and also edit some of their parameters in a seamless manner. It can be installed on your computer with minimum efforts, comes with a rather outdated interface, but, on the other hand, packs several useful functions and provides you with a detailed help manual.

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