CS3000 Control and Configuration Software

Create, modify and store drive configuration files on your computer, download them to a drive and monitor, analyze and control them.

  • CS3000 Control and Configuration Software
  • Version :6.14
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Rockwell Automation, Inc.

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CS3000 Control and Configuration Software Description

If your work implies handling drive configurations, you probably understand how specialized software solutions can help you simplify your job.

CS3000 Control and Configuration Software is one of the applications mentioned above, which provides you with an extensive list of functions, thus helping you achieve adequate results.

Hassle-free setup

Installing this program on your computer does not require any advanced PC operating skills since you do not need to perform any complicated configurations during the process.

Defining a valid destination path for the application to be installed in is sufficient since the rest of the process is performed automatically.

Outdated layout

CS3000 Control and Configuration Software features a plain, visually unattractive user interface that encompasses various functions, which are available as either buttons or standard menu entries.

On the bright side, this software solution integrates a standard help manual that might come in handy if you encounter any difficulty while operating its functions.

Process drive configurations

This application can help you create drive configuration files on your computer, modify existing ones and store them for future use. Additionally, you can download existing configuration files from a drive or upload them to the same location, depending on the situation.

More so, it is possible to control and monitor drives, view drive-specific waveforms, compare configuration files between your PC and device, access error logs, send various commands (such as Memory Save or Memory Restore) and print your settings file to a text document.

Before you execute any of the processes mentioned above, you need to specify which port is used to connect your device to the PC by clicking the corresponding radio button in the COM Port Select window.

Handy drive configuration creator with additional features

All things considered, CS3000 Control and Configuration Software is a reliable application that can help you create, modify and store drive configurations on your computer, while also providing you with extra functions. It can be easily installed on your computer and features a broad range of features as well as a help manual. However, its interface is simple and visually unappealing, which might put some users off.

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