Vole Remember

A handy and easy to understand memory enhancement software solution that can help you you remember bits of text audio and video quickly.

  • Vole Remember
  • Version :3.59.7061
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Sanwhole

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Vole Remember Description

Vole Remember is a lightweight application aimed to offer you the means of learning information more swiftly, supporting you in the memorization of textual, visual and audible data, as it lets you link your questions and answers with local or online media.

Simple and intuitive usage

The looks of the program are sufficiently simple to understand and handle, so regardless of your level of prior experience, you will not face that much difficulty in working with it.

The main window lets you open the project you wish to work with or create a new one, inputting the questions and answers that you wish to memorize and saving it to a VMC format file.

Create your memorization projects and run them on a regular basis to improve your learning

For starters, you need to manually create the project, inputting the each question and its corresponding answer into the proper fields at the top of the window, then input a media URL which can be used to jog your memory or help you find the answer more easily.

Next, you can press the ‘New Remember’ button to list it in the main window. Vole Remember lets you later modify the tag, the answer or the question as well as remove the associated video or URL, using the corresponding options from the context menu.

The embedded media player lets you view or listen to the audio or video recordings that you linked with your questions, even working in full screen. The application also features support for keyboard shortcuts, allowing you to jump from one question to the next, using CTRL + Enter.

A handy memory jogging tool

To summarize, Vole Remember is a useful piece of software that aims to provide you with the ability of practicing memorization exercises, so you can ensure you never forget a certain bit of information, be it in written, video or audio format.

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