Use this platform in order to enhance lighting control when working with the IoCore expansion and the DMX, RS-232 or OSC protocols.

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vManager Description

Those who are involved into event organizing and need to set up the lighting environment are well aware of the complexity that such tasks involve. Numerous lights, corresponding connections and individual intensity or frequency adjustments are just some of the many aspects that characterize such a lighting environment.

vManager was constructed in order to provide users with an accessible means of setting up the preferred lighting configuration and control all of its governing characteristics. It will enable people to use it combined with the IoCore expansion module in order to increase the functionality of the CueCore products.

By using it, one will be able to achieve increased flexibility over the lighting controllers and it will allow people to connect multiple devices through the DMX, RS-232 or OSC protocols. Its interface will allow one to browse the connected devices, backup / restore settings, define date and time for the required events or perform RTC calibrations.

Offering support for moving heads, LEDs, conventional lighting or DMX controlled effects, vManager will require the LPU device, which is connected via ethernet and it offers an optically isolated DMX-512 port. Fortunately, the utility also provides a factory default reset feature, that will allow users to revert to the original settings.

In combination with such hardware devices, people will be able to use vManager in order to obtain a robust configuration. Supporting the LPU-1, LPU-2, QuadCore and CueCore2 lighting controllers, this application will provide setups for both entertainment lighting or fixed installations, with protocols such as OSC, UDP, TCP and HTTP.

System requirements

  • IoCore module (LPU).

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