ApexSQL Generate

Generate test data based on your connected databases, then export the information to SQL, XML or CSV formats, depending on your needs.

  • ApexSQL Generate
  • Version : 2017.01.0191
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Apex SQL Tools

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ApexSQL Generate Description

ApexSQL Generate comes in handy to all SQL Server developers who need to make sure their utilities are running smoothly and who are looking for test data.

The application can be run on all computers where .NET Framework 4.5 is already installed, and it supports Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher, and Azure SQL Database.

Establish a database connection

To make the most of this app, users first need to connect it to a compatible database by selecting the server type and the authentication method. They can also assign alias names if they want to preserve a certain configuration for future use.

When creating a new project, one can also define the number of rows, disable INSERT triggers and CHECK constraints or modify the seed value.

Generate test data using various methods

ApexSQL Generate supports multiple types of data creation, and users can experiment with each one until they find the one they like best.

For example, if they go for the ‘random’ method, they need to enter the minimum and the maximum values, choose the seed value, and then specify if they are looking for unique entries or if they allow null records. The ‘incremental’ one is somewhat similar, except it adds an increment value and allows users to enable loop.

It is also possible to enter a query string to generate test data or to select specific tables to be processed.

Export data to multiple formats

Once the needed data has been generated, it can be exported to SQL, CSV or XML formats for later analysis and reviewing.

All in all, ApexSQL Generate can prove to be a handy solution for all who want to obtain test data based on their database information.

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