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Keep a well-organized library of your movie collection with clever gathering of data from a popular online service with the help of this small utility.

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Video Organizer Description

Although most multimedia files can easily be found and accessed via the web, enthusiasts might consider keeping a well-organized library of preferred material on their hard disk drives. Sure, you can simply create multiple folders or enlist entries in a text document, but with applications like Video Organizer you gain visual support, as well as info gathered from the web about any movie in your collection.

Compact interface makes identification difficult

The application takes little space on your desktop, managing to store all of its features in a conveniently compact main window. What’s more, an expanded view is only triggered once your content is loaded for even more space. On the other hand, it can get a little difficult to search through contents of your library is heavily populated, but there’s an integrated search engine to help in this regard.

Load entire folders or path lists to scan

Before any details can be viewed, you need to add items to your list, which is only done through the dedicated menu, because drag and drop is not supported. The application automatically scans target folders for video content, but make sure these are not spread in subdirectories, otherwise they won’t be detected.

As an alternative, the application can load folder path lists which are usually generated in the form of a TXT file. If you happen to already have such a list it can save you some time. However, once you carefully create your library you can export it to a TXT file.

Far from being a pro

The application shines mostly if used with an active Internet connection. Selecting an item from the list makes the application gather all data it can from IMDb, an even puts links to trailers at your fingertips. In this attempt to gather data, you need to make sure the title is as accurate as possible, otherwise misleading info is provided without asking whether or not it’s correct.

In addition, you can create a database that stores multiple lists. However, there is no prompt to alert you whether or not the process is successful and there is no way to view or access the specific database. What’s more, it would have been useful to see a feature that fills in missing file data or simply give you the chance to manually input it.

A few last words

All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Video Organizer is far from being amongst the best of its kind. Starting with the visual design to ease of access, a lot more is left to be desired. Created lists seem to serve no purpose at all, but the implemented feature that looks for info online helps tip the scales a bit in its favor. Overall, for a clean arrangement of your movie collection it’s best to look for alternatives.

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