Time Lapse MovieMonkey

A simple to use application that enables you to create a time lapse movie within seconds, by converting a photo slideshow to video format.

  • Time Lapse MovieMonkey
  • Version :1.2
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :AppsForPeople.NET

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Time Lapse MovieMonkey Description

Time Lapse MovieMonkey is an intuitive application that enables you to create movies from photos in the time lapse style. The software is lightweight and it can perform the task in a short time, creating a high quality output file, without straining your computer.

Artistic time lapse movie in a few clicks

The time lapse movie is generally a video created by merging a large series of photos, taken at different moments in the day, in the same place. The technique implies a still camera that takes shots at a determined time interval, capturing both static and dynamic elements. The movie created with these images looks like a cursive shot, rendered at high speed. The image you see, however, is created with photos.

Time Lapse MovieMonkey allows you to upload a multitude of pictures (usually hundreds or thousands) and creates a fast paced self rendering slideshow. You may set manually set the speed of the playback, by selecting the value of the FPS parameter. The software supports frame-per-second values between 10 and 150.

Encode your movie or create an editable clip

Time Lapse MovieMonkey allows you to select the movie codec before processing the files, from amongst MPEG4, MPEG2, MSMPEG4v2, FLV1, H263P, WMV1 or Raw, with the highest supported bitrate. Selecting a specific codec determines the degree of compression applied to the output movie. Otherwise, the only supported output format is .AVI.

Before saving the time lapse movie, you may manually set the resolution and the percentage of the photo resizing. The software can automatically resize all the photos in order to fit the selected resolution and it notifies you if the values for the width and height are supported or not.

24 hours in ten seconds

After setting all the required options, Time Lapse MovieMonkey can process the photos and encode your movie. A progress bar and counter can give you insight on the duration of the task. When the process is finished, the movie is saved to the installation folder, that you can easily access by clicking the dedicated button. With Time Lapse MovieMonkey, you can render the events that happened in one place, during an entire day, for instance, in 10 seconds of movie.

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