Encode, decode and manipulate audio files from various video games, with the help of this minimalistic, easy-to-use, open-source application.

  • VGAudio
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  • Publisher:Alex Barney

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VGAudio Description

Some game developers use uncommon file formats for storing media data, and this can make it difficult to manipulate these files, as there probably aren’t too many applications that support them.

VGAudio is a relatively simple program that can help you encode, decode and edit audio files used by certain video games (WAV, DSP, BRSTM, BCSTM, BFSTM, IDSP, HPS, ADX, WAV and GENH).

Great tool for processing audio files saved to these less-common formats

Of course, this is a very specialized utility. It can help you if you need to work with video game audio files, but it won’t be much use otherwise. If that’s all you need, however, this app can get the job done.

It enables you to perform conversions between any of the supported formats, and it can even perform lossless conversions when using the same audio codec.

Additionally, it offers looping support, with loop point alignment, and it allows you to set several optional parameters, such as the interleave size, seek table type and track description type.

Plain UI that should be quite easy to work with

It is clear that the user interface was designed to be as straightforward as possible, but it still seems a bit too simplistic. The upside is that new users are unlikely to find it to be confusing.

However, it has to be noted that no documentation is available, so those who are not familiar with these editing operations may not be entirely sure which options they should enable.

Useful application for processing audio files from video games

If you look past the fact that the user interface is somewhat rudimentary, and that no documentation is available, VGAudio is a good tool for encoding, decoding and editing files saved to a number of uncommon formats. It offers a decent set of features, and it isn’t difficult to use if you already know the basics.

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