Audio Router

Route sound from various applications to specific audio devices and listen to different things through your speakers, headphones or other devices, with this nifty, open-source utility.

  • Audio Router
  • Version:0.10.2
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:audiorouterdev

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Audio Router Description

Normally, Windows can only send audio from all software sources to a single output device, even if several of them are available on your computer. If, for instance, you want to play different things on your speakers and headphones, each being connected to a separate output device, you can try using Audio Router.

Open-source project that is no longer actively maintained, but still seems to do the job

This application is a free alternative to software like CheVolume, which offers similar functionality but must be purchased for continued use. However, it must be noted that updates are no longer being released, so new features won’t be added and any bugs you encounter are unlikely to be fixed.

Nevertheless, Audio Router worked just fine during our tests, although a few other users have reported problems when trying to run the application on Windows 10.

Route audio from each application to different output devices

Once launched, the program will list all sound generating applications and allow you to specify which device the audio should be routed to. If you have headphones and speakers connected to separate sound cards, you can send audio from individual applications to each one.

You can also control each program’s volume, mute them, or duplicate audio so that streams are played on multiple separate audio devices.

Features a rudimentary UI and cannot be sent to the system tray

The user interface isn’t exactly flashy, but that isn’t really a big issue. Its layout is very straightforward, and you can also choose between two display modes.

However, it is a shame that users do not have the option of minimizing the application to the system tray area so as to reduce taskbar clutter.

In a nutshell, Audio Router is a useful app if you have multiple sound output devices and wish to stream audio to them from individual applications. It worked very well during our tests, although some issues were reported by other users on Windows 10.

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