VCOrganizer SyncCenter

Keep items on your Android mobile device synchronized with the Outlook account with this application that supports WiFi and USB transfers.

  • VCOrganizer SyncCenter
  • Version :9.1.373
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :VECAL

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VCOrganizer SyncCenter Description

Users will find the application extremely easy to understand and employ. Synchronizing contents is performed in a very simple environment and anyone can issue commands, without having prior knowledge of such processes. Th utility ships with a multi-tabbed interface that keeps content well organized.

As an intermediary between the mobile device and the Outlook account, the application has several requirements that must be met

There are several required components that must be present in order to create synchronization tasks. Besides the obvious ones, such as an Android mobile device and an installed version of Microsoft Outlook, one could also mention the VCOrganizer app. This needs to be installed on the mobile device for any sync to be performed.

Once these requirements are met, one can start the process with just a few mouse clicks. This is one of the great features of this application (and, to an extend of the mobile app): it is streamlined for the best users’ experience. Although there are plenty of settings to adjust with more demanding tasks, the default preferences will work in most cases, and will allow anyone to quickly jump in and sync content.

Notes and other items from the mobile device can be synchronized

The transfer can be performed either through WiFi, Bluetooth or USB, and users can also adjust the synchronization direction. For example, one can opt for only a Mobile to Outlook sync. This can prevent phones with low resources from getting flooded with information.

There are several items available for processing, including notes, contacts and tasks. Users have full freedom over what actually gets transferred and category filters can be applied to discard unwanted items.

The software is a great method of selectively transferring content from Android mobile devices to the Microsoft Outlook account

All in all, VCOrganizer SyncCenter is an intuitive application that facilitates creating sync tasks between mobile devices and the Microsoft Outlook account.

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