Root Genius

With the help of this straightforward application, you can root your Android phone to change default factory settings and install your own apps.

  • Root Genius
  • Version :3.1.7
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Shuame

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Root Genius Description

The range of settings that you can tamper with on a new Android phone is limited by the manufacturer. If you wish to take customization to extreme, gain access to various apps and be able to install new ROMs, then you are surely on the lookout for a fast and easy to use application that can help you root the phone. One program that can help you out is suggestively called Root Genius.

Unlock the true potential of your phone

Root Genius can help you reveal the true power of your Android handset, providing editing rights for system files that are not normally available to final users. Before using it, please note that rooting a phone voids your warranty and can result in permanent damage to your phone, so make sure you get informed and know exactly what you are doing.

While there is some risk to it, rooting a phone with Root Genius has its advantages. Since you get administrative rights to the device, you can install custom ROMs to personalize the device, flash a custom kernel and uninstall pre-installed apps that you don’t use. Rooting reveals hidden features that would otherwise be unavailable to you.

Quick and easy to perform device rooting

Root Genius does not require installation, since you only have to double-click on the executable file to launch it. It offers support for a wide variety phone models with different Android versions installed.

Created with ease of use in mind, this application features a straightforward interface designed as a wizard that guides you through the entire procedure, providing clear instructions for each required step. In essence, you just have to connect the phone to the PC using a USB cable, enable USB debugging on the handset, press the ‘Root it’ button and let the application do its job.

A forthright app that should be used with care

The unlocking routine of Root Genius runs unattended, making the application very easy to use. However, be advised the unlocking the device to its full potential poses certain risks, since the protected mode created by the manufacturer is completely bypassed. Therefore, you should take great care when tinkering with the phone’s settings or installing new apps, since this might result in unusual or unpleasant device behavior.

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