Enables you to connect to webcam feeds online and use them as a webcam slide show and screensaver with no limit to number of webcams.

  • V-CamShow
  • Version :1.5.3 Build 189
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Virdi Software

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V-CamShow Description

There are many different webcams featured online that stream constantly, displaying different images around the world, including some in space that people can view online. V-CamShow allows users to connect to various online webcam feeds and turn them into screensavers or a slideshow.

An easy to configure application that allows users to quickly access remote webcams

The program is easy to configure, all users need is the URL and a few other details; from there the application can be set up in minutes. The application can also provide suggestions of famous or popular webcam feeds from the web that users might not be familiar with. The application can save the different configurations and switch between them at any time, V-CamShow can support multiple webcam profiles.

Users can enable the webcam to perform as either a slideshow or to save an image and to use it as a screensaver. Users can even enable the application to rotate between multiple webcam profiles and change which images it uses on a customizable schedule. If users have several webcams set up, then they can make complicated screensavers and slideshows from them.

An interesting array of features and customization that improve the applications quality

While the option to load any of the online webcam feeds from around the world and simply leave their browser open, it’s not the same. The application provides multiple ways for users to change the appearance of the webcam images and feeds, users can also automatically have images resized or adjusted to fit their screen.

The application does include several support features like the ability to backup webcam data, so, if the worst should happen, users configurations would not be lost or damaged in any way. However, the majority of the features are about how the application operates and, apart from sizing and random slideshows from multiple feeds, the rest are just different display features that can be a bit limited.

An interesting application that allows users to take a rarely used online source in new ways

To conclude, the V-CamShow is a simple to use application that allows users to take advantage of different webcam feeds that can be found online. From NASA to various city feeds, there are a wide array and the program allows users to make something fun from them to enhance their desktop. V-CamShow is definitely a worth while application.

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