uMatrix for Chrome

Find out more about the class of requests made by your browser so you can block scripts, iframes or ads in Chrome with just one click.

  • uMatrix for Chrome
  • Version:1.0.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Raymond Hill

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uMatrix for Chrome Description

Without denying that most sites solely want to track their traffic, others tend to go overboard and end up quietly recording every move you make while surfing the web.

If you do not feel comfortable about this issue and want to combat online tracking, uMatrix for Chrome can grant you full control over the connection requests made by your browser so that you can block them with just one click.

Preview all requests made by your browser

Following a standard extension installation, you can access the utility from the upper right corner of Chrome. The idea behind the addon is to display details about the requests made by your browser when visiting a particular website using color codes where red might be an asset you may need to inspect.

As far as the requests tracked are performed, they include the domain names on the larger left column along with cookies, CSS-related resources, images, plugins, scripts, XHR related to scripts, iFrames and other categories that are suspected of spyware.

In case you want to learn more about what may seem to you as a potential tracking tool, then you can easily do so by hitting inspect via a right mouse click. Blocking requests is a straightforward operation that entails clicking the desired cell.

Save and reset temporary changes made

It is worth mentioning that the extension provides information on all the connections being made when you access a certain website. Simply put, you can also preview the failed and attempted connections along with the ones you blocked in a previous session. As a side note, you can check out the full details of requests by accessing the logger.

The highlight of the tool stems from its functionality, as blocking and unblocking is a simple matter of point-and-click. Not only is this faster compared to the whitelisting or blacklisting approach, but you also have more control over the elements that you block.

A Chrome addon for anyone who values their privacy

As websites want to keep track of the user behavior, they rely on various invisible third-party apps that gather data about your online activity. uMatrix for Chrome provides you with detailed information regarding the requests made so you can easily block ads, iFrames and tracking cookies with just one click.

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