Quiet Title

Change the formatting of YouTube video titles automatically, which is especially useful when they are written in all caps, with this simple Chrome extension.

  • Quiet Title
  • Version:0.2.5
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Josh Hawkins

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Quiet Title Description

Some YouTubers get a bit overexcited when uploading their videos, but that is still no excuse to write their titles in all caps or use even stranger types of formatting.

Quiet Title is a relatively simple Google Chrome extension that alters the formatting of YouTube titles as you are browsing. It gives you multiple variants to choose from and works in both the navigation and video views.

Get rid of all caps video titles on YouTube

While mostly intended to help you “correct” YouTube titles that are written in all caps, this extension can also improve the website’s overall look by ensuring that all video titles use similar formatting.

The modifications will be made as soon as the page is loaded, whether you are on the homepage or have loaded a specific video. The original title can still be seen in the tab text and when you hover over the modified title.

Select the preferred formatting mode and switch between them easily

You can bring up the extension’s menu by clicking the new icon added to the Chrome toolbar. It is possible to change the title to lowercase, capitalize the first letter in the first word, as well as use Title case and Camel case. If you wish, you can even have the extension change every title to all caps.

If you select a different formatting method and are on YouTube.com, the page will be reloaded. Your video progress is not lost, so you can just pick up right where you left off.

Useful Chrome extension that makes YouTube titles easier on the eyes

Since it is pretty clear what Quiet Title does, go ahead and install it if you don’t want to deal with oddly-formatted video titles on YouTube. The extension performs the modifications almost instantly, so you are unlikely to notice the change when the page is being loaded.

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