Ultimate Windows Useful Items Pinner

Create shortcuts for various system utilities within the “My Computer” Windows Explorer window easily, using this lightweight application.

  • Ultimate Windows Useful Items Pinner
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Vinay

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Ultimate Windows Useful Items Pinner Description

Some utilities and system functions are often rather difficult to access, and most of us are accustomed to opening the My Computer window whenever we want to find something, which is why it may be a good idea to create shortcuts to important tools in this location.

Ultimate Windows Useful Items Pinner is a relatively straightforward application that can help you out in this scenario. It enables you to create shortcuts with a couple of mouse clicks, and then remove them at any time.

Only designed to work with Windows 7

First of all, it must be noted that this application can only be used by those running Windows 7, as it cannot be launched on older or newer versions of the OS.

Of course, this is a specialized utility, and it is very easy to deploy as long as the software requirements are met. There is no need to go through an installation procedure, as you can launch the program as soon as it is unpacked.

Add items to the My Computer window for easy access

After launching the application, you will be presented with a list of utilities or system functions that can be pinned. Windows Explorer is refreshed automatically after an action is performed, so you should be able to see the new shortcuts immediately.

Pinned items can be removed easily enough, but it would have been great it the application marked the ones that had been added. As it stands, it may be rather difficult to find the utilities you are looking for at any given time.

Lightweight program that enables you to create helpful shortcuts

All in all, Ultimate Windows Useful Items Pinner is a fairly simple application that can help you pin various items to the My Computer window. It is fully portable and fairly intuitive, and it may prove to be an invaluable tool for Windows 7 users.

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