Photo Inspiration for Windows 10/8.1

Browse a generous collection of photos that you can use on your lock screen as well as send to your mobile device via QR codes with the help of this easy-to-use app.

  • Photo Inspiration for Windows 10/8.1
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Craftbox

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Photo Inspiration for Windows 10/8.1 Description

Browsing the web in order to find beautiful, high-quality pictures that can be used for personalizing your PC could be quite time-consuming, despite the fact that this is not, in itself, an intricate activity. In fact, the problem lies in the fact that the amount of resources could sometimes be overwhelming, and paradoxically, you might not know where to look because there are too many options.

Photo Inspiration is an app designed to compile lots of beautiful pictures into several categories so that you can explore multiple alternatives and reach a solution that you are excited about without spending too much time searching aimlessly.

Hassle-free main window

The application is straightforward and features a clean interface, which is nice since this prevents it from stealing the thunder from the displayed images. You only get to concentrate on the results, and not on the app itself.

You are first prompted with a collection of the most popular and most reviewed images, shown individually, and while the recommendations might be subjective, they are, nevertheless, welcome.

Purposefully browse photos organized in categories

However, if you want to check out images on a more practical basis, you can glimpse into categories, which group images based on a theme. To name a few, you may choose from “Food,” “Landscape,” “Cute,” “Cat,” “City,” “Abstract,” etc., depending on your interests. The variety is not necessarily impressive, but you should be able to find something that works for you.

During our testing on a Windows 10 system, we have, however, experienced an inconvenience while trying to access any category. They all seemed to be stuck in a loop, as the loading animation was displayed but generated no result.

Once you have settled on a single picture, right-clicking it will open an app commands bar that comes with a few options, enabling you to save it to your device, set it as a lock screen image, and add it to favorites. At the same time, the user interaction is extended to the ability to rate and comment on each of the selected images.

Lets you scan the QR code and send pictures to phones

What’s more, there is a nifty addition that proves the program’s cross-platform relevance. We are referring to the possibility of scanning a QR code associated with each picture and transferring it to your mobile device. This really comes in handy because you save time otherwise wasted leaving the app in order to copy the images on your smartphone.

Useful, but without a large scope

All in all, Photo Inspiration is a solution aimed at those who want to turn to a compilation of pictures that they can subsequently use for their lock screen or simply save to their computer. Without pretending to be comprehensive, it helps you overcome the burden of blindly looking for the right images, and it also allows you to enjoy the results on a handset.

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