Import CSV or TXT records to a PostgreSQL database, and save a lot of time needed for data management with this useful application.

  • TxtToPG
  • Version :2.1 Release 1 Build 170705
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Withdata Software

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TxtToPG Description

PostgreSQL is a popular, open source database project that many people use, it can be an efficient way to manage various data and information. TxtToPG is an application that allows users to quickly and easily import CSV and TXT format documents to a PostgreSQL database.

A simple to use interface that makes it easy to upload files and edit how they appear in PostgreSQL

TxtToPG features a very simple and straightforward design, first and foremost users need to connect to a PostgreSQL database. The application makes the connection process simple and there is no difficulty in synchronizing the two programs to properly use the main function of TxtToPG.

Once connected, TxtToPG presents itself with a series of areas that make the uploading process quite simple. Most importantly, it includes a preview area that displays how the edited text will appear and be arranged in the various tables. Users can adjust the settings how they feel is necessary, as well as set the total number of allowed errors, which can occur during such dramatic format changes.

An impressive array of features and options that grant a significant amount of control

The application allows users to change various settings when they are uploading a particular CSV or TXT file to PostgreSQL. The encoding type can be selected or automatically changed, the schema and table type can both be selected, as well as the load type, which can either replace various fields or add to them.

There is a certain assumption with the application that users are extremely familiar with PostgreSQL and while that might be a safe assumption, there are likely to be some users who are not. Several of the features are not well explained and the help documentation is lacking, TxtToPG could definitely use an addition like tool-tips just to bolster the information in its already user friendly design.

TxtToPG is a useful, simple way to upload files to PostgreSQL databases in a more controlled manner

All in all, TxtToPG is definitely a useful and well designed application, while it could be a bit more explanatory or clearer in some areas, that is only a minor issue. The rough preview it offers, as well as control over the format and number of errors makes it a valuable tool for anyone who uses PostgreSQL databases regularly.

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