A stock investment application that assists you in managing your portfolio and your finances, projecting investment returns and dividends revenues.

  • Stock.Div
  • Version: 4.4.4
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:aiClipboard

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Stock.Div Description

Efficient investment management requires a lot of experience and the right set of tools to assist you in doing the math so you can take the best decisions based on accurate calculations and predictions. Traders use applications that are rather complex, perhaps too complex for a beginner. That is where Stock.Div comes in.

Provide commission plan details for accurate revenue predictions

Designed as a simple stock investment manager, Stock.Div enables you, as an investor, to manage your portfolio and your income with ease by keeping track of transactions and assumed positions.

Upon start, you are prompted to enter the name of your portfolio and details regarding the commission plan you are using and the taxes that apply to transactions. The information you provide at this point can help the application calculate your expenses and predict your revenue more accurately.  You can either import a portfolio or create an empty one.

Add new transactions but not before analyzing stocks and potential revenue

The dashboard comprises information at a glance about your portfolio and the current trading time. Adding a new symbol to the portfolio is easy, as you just have to know the symbol (no suggestions are provided). However, you should take the time to analyze the stock you want to purchase, as there are several indicators to consider, such as the dividend frequency, the rating, the sector evolution, taxes that apply, revenue projections, and so on.

Check out recent investment decisions

A summary of your recent transactions is also available within the main window. For a more detailed overview on cash updates, dividends and transactions, you can generate complete reports.

The dashboard also displays a graph that shows recent investments and their current market value, as well as a projection of the dividends based on a user-defined average increase. Additionally, you can determine the portfolio worth based on a specific growth rate.

Also, Stock.Div analyzes portfolio balance and yields, helping you predict when a specific sum of money will be available to you.

A stock portfolio manager for the beginner investor

Gathering data from some of the most popular financial websites (such as Google Finance or Yahoo Finance), Stock.Div can be of great help if you need a tool to keep track of your transactions.

While it might not be enough for the expert trader, Stock.Div has the potential of becoming a reliable assistant for a beginner just starting to make transactions on the stock market.

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