Change the long-formatted names of TV episodes into simplified ones, using this Java tool that auto-retrieves show details from the web and lets you customize naming rules.

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TVRenamer Description

TVRenamer is an application which enables you to quickly change long-formatted TV series names into simpler ones, by stripping off all unnecessary data.

These long names are usually the standard when downloading movie content from torrents or other other sources. This app can basically reorganize your collection, in case you want to prepare the TV series for DVD burning, for example.

Java-based tool with a clear-cut UI

As long as you have Java installed on your computer, you don’t need to set up anything else. This means that you can drop the .exe file anywhere on the disk or a USB flash drive to directly launch it on any PC with Java. It doesn’t modify Windows registry settings.

The user-friendly interface is based on a common window which lets you add as many video files as you want via drag-and-drop. It shows the full path of the current file and simplified version suggested.

Get TV series info and configure naming rules

Worth noting is that TVRenamer automatically connects to the Internet via a custom proxy configuration, in order to retrieve TV show details. It can rename different shows at the same time.

Before instructing the tool to move the files to a new directory on the disk or to keep them where they are, you can customize the naming rules by specifying a season prefix and rename format by mixing and matching the available tokens, such as show name, season or episode number (with or without leading zeros).

Moreover, you can modify the proxy host name, port and user authentication data, as well as disable the program from auto-checking for updates at startup. The renaming and optional file transfer are triggered with the click of a button.

Evaluation and conclusion

It was light on system resources consumption in our tests and didn’t hang, crash or prompt error messages. Thanks to its intuitive UI and options, TVRenamer can be easily used by anyone who wants to re-organize their TV series collections by renaming the files. However, it didn’t work with the latest Java edition in our evaluation.

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