Perform transcoding and pre-editorial R3D picture manipulation with this comprehensive application that allows you to convert RAW files to the RGB color model.

  • Version :42.0.41605
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher, Inc.

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REDCINE-X PRO Description

REDCINE-X PRO is comprehensive and powerful suite for editing REDCODE RAW footage. The application can be put to good use by anyone that is in the business of working with RAW video files. The built-in player can also be employed to view R3D documents.

The tool allows users to fine-tune R3D clips, before exporting them to more popular formats

It should be noted that the program does not work with all RAW formats, and only supports R3D documents. Once a valid file has been loaded, users can make various adjustments, including RGB conversions. The resource employs advanced de-mosaicing and color matrix algorithms, which ensure improved performance.

One of the great features of this utility is that during processing no metadata is lost (such as timecode or whitebalance information). Also, a notable feature is the neutral footprint left by the program, in the sense that the original RAW format is preserved.

A built-in RAW player is included and can be used to preview source documents

A host of other tasks can be issued to ensure final files are on par with users’ needs: audio synchronization, frame cropping or curve adjustments. Users are also free to generate snapshots from their source files. Export options are plentiful and cover both professional and amateur needs (AVIs, BWFs, DPXs, JPEGs and SGIs can be generated from the RAW projects).

New users might be a bit confused by the rather complex interface. Indeed, when one loads a source document, the GUI is cluttered with multiple frames, which control specific core functions. If getting adjusted to this setup proves a tedious task, one can simply discard certain frames from the “View” menu.

Professionals can quickly obtain customized file conversions from RAW films

All in all, REDCINE-X PRO is a powerful application designed to ensure users create accessible documents from R3D clips.

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