TS School Professional

School administration tool that helps you manage your students and their grades, keep track of medical records, plan exams, and initiate sport competitions.

  • TS School Professional
  • Version :5.1.132
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Time Software

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TS School Professional Description

TS School Professional is a comprehensive tool that can be a suitable solution for administering an educational institution, such as a public or a private school. The application features a multitude of modules that allow you to control several aspects of your school, from students, to staff and curriculum.

Your work administering the school, divided by categories

TS School Professional is a user-friendly application that offers you the possibility to oversee a multitude of aspects that occur in administering a school. The program features separate modules that allow you to control these aspects in different windows and facilitate a simple and quick manner.

The program features specific functions for managing the student and staff allocation, curriculum, attendance, calendar of special events. The data is stored in a local or remote database, depending on the type of installation you choose. The application can perform data backup, as well as restoration.

Manage exam data, medical records or staff details

TS School Professional allows you to store details regarding the students and the staff, such as contact details, medical records and images. You have access to modifying the school policy, subjects being taught in classes or the timetables and teachers’ schedules.

In addition to these basic modules, TS School Professional also offers admissions, athletics, attendance or awards modules. You can also control the yearly calendar, set up competitions, discipline policies, financial aspects, government reports or histories of the students and staff.

You can also manage the gymnastics department, dormitories, a library, send messages, store documents and ensure data protection.

Create your school’s Web profile

TS School Professional can offer you access to an online platform, in which to publish details regarding your school and popularize it. The platform, the website can be accessed from any location in the world. The program can be controlled by several users, based on their permissions and can also track staff ID cards, lockers or other school security aspects.

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