TouchOSC Editor

Provides you with an comprehensive set of various touch controls for receiving and sending messages over Wi-Fi with your iPhone or iPod Touch.

  • TouchOSC Editor
  • Version :1.8.3
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :RJ Fischer

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TouchOSC Editor Description

TouchOSC Editor is an application created to help you design layouts for the TouchOSC app. TouchOSC is used to send and receive OSC and MIDI messages from your iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. With it, DJs and music producers can control just about any piece of software that allows these kinds of interactions.

TouchOSC Editor is remarkably easy to use. It displays a highly comprehensive interface and grants you easy access to all the tools and settings you need. There aren’t that many to choose from but they are the exact ones you need to be able to create custom DJ decks, launchpads, drum machines, effect racks or better yet something that integrates all of them.

The building blocks for your future controller come as pre-designed graphics which you can arrange and position anyway and anywhere you want. You can add push, toggle, fader, xy-pad and rotary controllers, create custom labels, color code the buttons, as well as add indicators for battery and time.

You may not have a lot of choices when it comes to styling your layout but the tradeoff in this matter is in your advantage. Why should you care about how the “Fader” looks like when you can assign it to control volume, tempo, the intensity of an effect or any other function from the third party software that has this kind of slider functionality.

For the OSC and MIDI protocols, TouchOSC Editor allows you to set up custom range values, and operating types, making it sure you can use the template in any situation you encounter.

TouchOSC Editor is here to enhance the way you can use software and hardware that support OSC and MIDI, enabling you to connect to music in a different way. Moreover, it certainly gives you more freedom and room to experiment when it comes to live performances.

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