TopSales Professional

Sales automation, contact and document management, and email processor tool that helps in marketing, while allowing you to import and sync contact data with MS Outlook.

  • TopSales Professional
  • Version :7.47
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Ceek Software

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TopSales Professional Description

TopSales Professional is a finance and business application that helps with sales automation, contact and document management, and email auto-responders.

Clean looks

The tool gives you the freedom to manage the key features with the aid of multiple tabs. For example, you may keep track of company, contact or mail message data using different tabs, which can be easily closed in case you do not need them.

There are a lot of features that you can experiment with so you need to reserve some extra time to understand how the utility works. A help manual comes to your rescue, providing extra details about the app’s capabilities.

Contact, activity and email options

TopSales Professional lets you store detailed information about contacts, sort your contact database using demographic criteria, such as age, gender, and ZIP code, group contacts by their relationship, assign tags, create mailing lists based on your contacts’ interest, share contact data across LAN, and create company profiles.

What’s more, you are allowed to keep track of events and tasks, print out daily calendar events, and check other users’ calendar for collaboration. You may create and send messages, keep a history with all your messages, and verify email addresses.

Bookmarks, documents and sales management features

You can create bookmarks to your favorite websites, link users’ documents (e.g. Excel, Word, Powerpoint files) to contacts and companies, issue invoices, handle multiple currency transactions, and generate invoice from quotation, sales order or delivery note.

TopSales Professional helps you maintain vendor account details, keep track of outstanding purchase orders, view vendor product price history, manage your cash, checking, and credit card account, as well as keep track of your stock.

Furthermore, you can generate marketing plans to sell your products, analyze your marketing campaign performance, as well as implement knowledge base management for organizing and sharing business information.

Extra tools

TopSales Professional gives you the freedom to password-protect your database, import and sync contact data with MS Outlook, export contact, company, product and sales info to XLS file format, and generate all types of charts (e.g. contact leads, product sales) and saved them as images.

Powerful sales automation tool

In conclusion, TopSales Professional provides a comprehensive suite of features for helping you maintain a complete contact and sales management system, and is suitable for professional business users. It comes with so many options that it is impossible to get bored while tweaking sales data.

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