TopSales Personal

Fill in partner company and contact details to create thorough databases, issue an abundance of business reports, send data via mail or social networks and keep an eye on time with this powerful management application.

  • TopSales Personal
  • Version :7.47
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Ceek Software

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TopSales Personal Description

When running a business it’s important to keep a well-organized database of contacts and products, as well as events and schedules for a smooth workflow. Technology helps a lot in this regard, with computers capable of processing large quantities of data fast and applications like TopSales Personal letting you handle, update and sort all of it.

Well-organized and intuitive interface

In terms of design, the application works on a solid structure, with clever tab support implemented in nearly every window you work with so you don’t feel overwhelmed. What’s more, the workspace is large enough so you can keep multiple windows visible, and the upper toolbar provides quick access to all of them.

Create multiple and thorough databases

Oriented towards business use, creation tools give you the possibility to create a database for just about anything you need. Contacts and partner companies are amongst the basics, with the overall creation process being similar and easy to go through.

All entries in a database are displayed in a list along with corresponding details. Tab support enables a smart filter system, other than changing the list, you access another one with different sorting criteria. Needless to say that you get to fill in all the details, or you can use an integrated tool to import data from a large variety of formats. What’s more, this works for contacts, mailing lists, products, sales orders and more.

Quickly share and send data over the web

Furthermore, collaboration is another aspect the application might be compatible with. If you’re using a POP3 email client, you can freely enter credentials and corresponding server details to use the integrated mailing system. This comes in handy because there are buttons to send via mail in most forms and final reports.

Moreover, with social media also targeting businesses, when adding company and contact details you can also provide a Facebook or Twitter account, which can easily be visited with a simple click from the specific contact’s details page.

Issue reports and plan your events

All forms and reports you fill in can take from several seconds to a few minutes, depending on the level of detail stored in the application. This is because you can quickly use data in any other task, as long as it’s relevant. Later on you can issue a handful of reports for each major category you work with.

With time being an important resource, the application also offers a helping hand to put it to good use. Using an integrated scheduler, custom tasks and events, or simple reminders can be created and fitted with any detail you consider useful. The calendar view displays all of them with several sorting options, and there are even settings to set alarms so you don’t miss an event.

To end with

Considering all the above, we can safely state that TopSales Personal is a powerful ally in businesses of all sorts and scales. With a simple and intuitive design, as well as clever implementation of tab systems, you can quickly access and keep an eye on tools of interest. What’s more, the set of features let you import, create, edit, use and send data in the blink of an eye, pushing your business a little closer to success.

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