TopoFusion Pro

View and edit your GPS tracks with this software solution that offers advanced map browsing and support for various satellite imagery servers.

  • TopoFusion Pro
  • Version :5.43
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :TopoFusion

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TopoFusion Pro Description

Trekking enthusiasts and hikers alike who use GPS on their adventures will certainly require a proper way of viewing and editing their tracks. TopoFusion will help them by offering a solution for browsing their paths over various satellite imagery, with numerous options for editing the tracks and correcting certain map issues. Featuring a 2D / 3D view, as well as easy import for the GPS recordings and track analysis, it will provide map enthusiasts a good set of tools for handling their data.

Feature-packed interface that might exhibit sluggish behavior when rendering 3D scenes

The application offers an intuitive interface that brings a highly technical air and remembers of GIS and mapping software. With easy access to it tools thanks to its thoughtful button array and complementing context menus, TopoFusion will be easy to handle and users will have no trouble in getting to know its features.

As with any mapping software, the application’s core feature is its main viewing area, where one can easily load and preview the GPS tracks and additional satellite imagery. However, its rendering engine might not be sufficient for drawing the layers with ease and users can expect a rather slow image loading time, especially in the 3D mode.

Easily view and edit GPS data with this utility that allows good control over the imported tracks

Users will be able to import their GPS tracks and the application will allow them to edit the individual vertices or even generate elevation profiles from their data. When adding the background imagery, one can choose to display shaded relief for terrain interpretation and the application also provides the display of other track items: waypoints, photos and arrows.

Navigating and panning through the map content is easy-enough, although those who come from a GIS background might miss the use of the mouse scroll button in the 3D mode. In addition to that, when toggling the 3D mode, one will not have access to other features until the rendering is complete and this might frustrate some users. Regarding the satellite imagery, people might be confused, since many map servers are down or deprecated and cannot be accessed anymore, but the application still offers them in its library.

Decent software solution for importing and editing GPS tracks, but with some shortcomings in its mapping tools

For those who require a quick solution for browsing through their recorded GPS data, TopoFusion could be a good choice. In terms of ease-of-use, track editing and map operations, it will satisfy novice and intermediate users. However, experienced users and especially those who come from a GIS background, might feel disappointed by its slow rendering engine, difficult to navigate 3D view or the storage of obsolete map servers.

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