All My Books

A comprehensive electronic librarian that helps you store and organize your books on electronic shelves, while allowing you to grab data from the Internet.

  • All My Books
  • Version:4.9 Build 1236
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Bolide Software

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All My Books Description

All My Books is a software application designed to help you keep track of your books, sort them using various filters, place the books on virtual shelves, as well as download information about each book from the Internet including cover images.

Clean feature lineup

The primary panel is divided into two main areas: the first one lists all books that you have added to the database, while the second provides detailed information about the selected book, such as cover image, short description (author, publisher, synopsis), price, and added date.

What’s more, you can perform search operations for quickly identifying a book, as well as show all books or sort them by genre (e.g. Action, Adventure, Children, Horror, Romance, Science Fiction).

Managing the book database

All My Books gives you the possibility to create multiple databases where you can store book information, append data from the specified database, back up and compress data, and set up passwords for making sure other users cannot access your private information.

Adding a new book to the database

The program enables you to specify the book name and select the online provider from where it grabs the information. It is able to automatically fill in the following fields: author, translator, editor, ISBN, rating, genre, synopsis, language, pages, volume, dimensions, comments, book number, URL, and other handy details.

Additionally, you are allowed to mark the current book as unread or add it to your wishlist, and insert books using the ISBN code, or uploading data from documents (PDF, DOC, CHM, TXT, EPUB, MOBI, PDB, ZIP, or other file formats) or audio books (e.g. MP3, OGG, WMA).

If the cover images downloaded from the Internet don’t match the corresponding book, you may manually add a photo from your computer (e.g. JPG, BMP, GIF), get the picture via TWAIN devices, as well as place the books on virtual shelves (e.g. wood, brick, stone, blue).

Other handy options

You may sort books by title, author, rating, price, or other criteria, group books by subject, publisher, author, year, or other options, and apply quick filters for viewing only the books found in different categories (e.g. Wishlist, Unread, Read, Loans, Overdue).

Furthermore, you can check out the history with the loaned items, view statistics with the aid of charts, print the book collection, export data to PDF, XLS, CHM, HTML, or plain text file format, as well install plugins.

An overall efficient electronic librarian

All in all, All My Books comprises a handy suite of feature for helping you store and organize your books on electronic shelves.

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