TIRA – Health and Safety Risk Assessment Management

Create company and employee databases, specify tasks and projects in order to get an idea of risk factors involved to determine the rate of success.

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TIRA – Health and Safety Risk Assessment Management Description

Before taking on any activity it is best that you conduct heavy research and establish risk factors. This applies to a large number of activities, from simple day-to-day events to starting a new business from scratch. With the help of applications like TIRA – Health and Safety Risk Assessment Management you can easily put in balance both pros and cons to get an idea of risk factors and success rate.

Well-organized and intuitive interface

The interface gets you up and running in no time, especially because it uses an office suite like aspect. Tabs provide quick access to all major areas the application offers, while the toolbar is fitted with functions you need in order to complete tasks.

Easy database creation and management

The application runs its analysis based on several databases you can set before calculating risk factors, or add entries as you go along, but this can be slightly confusing and frustrating. Under the “Admin & Support” tab, you find options to create or edit databases that can be for employees, grades, teams, locations and companies.

Create tasks and analyze them

In order to get ahold of desired info you first need to create tasks for which you want to determine risk factors. The overall process is not lengthy, requiring you to fill in all of the available fields most of the times.

Besides company, date and location you need to provide details regarding the activity itself, hazards and existing control measures. Through a series of calculations based on your choice of likelihood and severity, the risk factor is displayed, letting you know whether or not you should proceed.

Covers a large variety of hazards

A decent amount of situations can be selected from a list, each with dedicated situations you need to fill in. Fire, first aid, hazardous substances, work equipment and workplace are only a few of the available options.

Once you fully configure and calculate risk factors, you are free to issue reports that can either be printed out on a sheet of paper or exported to file of PDF or XPS format.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that TIRA – Health and Safety Risk Assessment Management is a powerful application that can surely give you an idea about the task you are about to undertake. It lives up to expectations and it can easily be used by anyone, regardless of experience.

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