Jihosoft Photo Recovery

Recover lost, damaged or corrupted images, videos and audio files, in a short time, using this powerful computer scanning application.

  • Jihosoft Photo Recovery
  • Version :8.21
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Jihosoft

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Jihosoft Photo Recovery Description

Jihosoft Photo Recovery is dedicated to helping you restore lost multimedia files, whether they were accidentally deleted, formatted, damaged from a transfer or corrupted. The program can repair and retrieve files by scanning the selected drive or by restoring a previously created virtual image.

Simple or advanced system scan

Jihosoft Photo Recovery can help you recover lost multimedia files, including images, videos and audio files. The tool can undo accidental file deletion, corruption due to malware attack, damage from improper copying formatting, system crash and other events. The program supports restoring information both from local and removable drives.

The detected locations are displayed in the main window on the program so that you can choose the one you wish to scan. Further, you need to choose the type of search you wish to perform: the simple scan can recover recently deleted items while the advanced scan allows you to focus only on certain file formats.

Search for files by their type

The Advanced search function in Jihosoft Photo Recovery allows you to select the exact file formats you wish to recover. For instance, the supported image types include common formats, but also RAW images, or specific formats such as Nikon, Canon, Kodak, Mamiya, Photoshop Paint Shop or Minolta.

You may also select the preferred audio and video formats, then start the search. The program does not allow you to filter the system scan by other criteria, such as file size, last modification or name. However, the results are well organized, into format categories and you may preview each recovered item.

Generate virtual images

Jihosoft Photo Recovery can also create a virtual image of the system, sector by sector. It is a simple and quick solution for cases when the media is developed in unfavorable sectors and can be used for fast data recovery. The option to restore data from such a file can be selected just after choosing the source drive.

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