A comprehensive piece of software aimed to provide both the client and server functions needed to establish a VNC connection in a few steps.

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TigerVNC Description

TigerVNC is open source software based on Virtual Network Computing that allows you to launch and interact with graphical applications that are installed in a remote computer.

It comes with both client and server components which makes it possible to establish connections between any number of computers that are connected to the same network.

Easy to use control panel

After running the TigerVNC server, the application adds a system tray icon that you can use to connect to new clients or disconnect from them. From the same icon you can quickly access the ‘Control Panel’ of the TigerVNC from where you are able to view only the desktop of the remote computer or activate full control takeover.

You can also choose to cease updating and even completely disable the use of new clients. The same control panel offers you a simple list in which you can view information about the remote machine’s IP address, connection time and current status.

Multiple encoding types

TigerVNC enables you to opt between multiple video encoding types to ensure you get the best quality. It presents you with Tight, ZRLE, Hexztile and RAW options, as well as with full, 256, 64 or 8 color levels to choose from. This in turn makes TigerVNC well suited for running 3D and various video applications.

Moreover, for even more control, TigerVNC makes it possible to enter a custom compression level and even allows JPEG compression.

Choose the input you prefer

As a VNC appliance, TigerVNC gives you the option to only view the remote computer screen and ignore the use of mouse and keyboard or take control and even benefit from the use of the clipboard, the contents of which can be sent to the server. Since your monitor can differ in size and characteristics, the application also makes it possible to choose the remote session screen size.

A Virtual Network Computing solution

With the above to consider and much more to discover, TigerVNC is a VNC application that can easily be configured with a bit of know how and immediately put to use.

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