ScreenShot Tool Pro For Windows 10

Import screenshots and customize them in various ways with the help of a simple and intuitive image editor, using this handy application.

  • ScreenShot Tool Pro For Windows 10
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  • License :Commercialware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Denita Global

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ScreenShot Tool Pro For Windows 10 Description

There are many applications that enable you to capture content from your desktop, but you normally have to use a separate image editor if you wish to highlight various items or enhance the pictures in certain ways.

ScreenShot Tool Pro is a very simple program that can extract images from the clipboard and allows you to process them using a built-in editor. However, because it cannot capture content, it functions less as a screenshot utility and more as a basic image editor.

Simple application that does not include a screen capture tool

Despite what its name might suggest, ScreenShot Tool Pro cannot be used to take screen captures, as it can only extract images from the system clipboard or import local files. Of course, you can use the PrintScreen key to perform this function, but this means it is only possible to capture the whole desktop.

You cannot, for instance, take a screenshot of a certain application window or a particular area of the screen.

Easy-to-use program that provides you with a basic image editor

Once you have imported a picture, you can use the included editor to modify it in several ways.

For instance, you can use the pen tool to draw certain objects, add lines, arrows, rectangles or circles, insert text boxes and blur specific areas.

Depending on which tool you select, you may be able to alter its color and thickness, as well as customize its opacity.

Furthermore, you can use the crop tool to remove unneeded areas from your screenshot.

Save the edited images locally or share them with others

After performing the necessary modifications, you can export the resulting file locally, although only one output format is supported, namely JPG.

Optionally, you can share the image directly, but it is also possible to distribute it and store it on your hard drive at the same time.

Overall, ScreenShot Tool Pro is a handy utility that can help you edit your screenshots and share them with others, but it lacks the features you would expect to find in an application created for this purpose, as it can only import images from the clipboard or local storage.

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