The Blue Reporter

A lightweight and interesting application whose main purpose resides in informing you via Bluetooth or email that a program has changed its status.

  • The Blue Reporter
  • Version:1.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:AMYD Projects

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The Blue Reporter Description

The Blue Reporter is a user-friendly and effective piece of software designed to offer you a simple means of keeping informed concerning the status of your running applications, on your mobile phone, so you do not need to stay near the computer and use your time for some other activity.

Neatly-packed and practical appearance

The utility goes through a fairly quick installation operation, subsequent to which you can start working with it, on condition that a compatible Bluetooth adapter is connected, in order to detect your phone.

The intuitive and well-organized user interface makes The Blue Reporter easy to understand and handle from the first run, meaning you will not need to waste too much time figuring it out.

Keep informed about the progress of an ongoing virus scan via Bluetooth

For starters, you need to allow the program to detect your mobile device, displaying its name and address in the ‘Result’ window. You can choose the ‘Report Format’ as either ‘Text’ or ‘Image’ and set the ‘Window Size’ along with the ‘Report Size’.

Information can be sent at a user-defined interval, along with a default image featuring the word ‘Finished’. At the same time, bear in mind that you need to capture a screenshot of the software whose status you are monitoring, using the built-in component, which functions by means of customizable hotkeys.

The Blue Reporter enables you to transmit the information via Bluetooth connection, but also supports email alerts. This can be done by entering the recipient’s address, along with the sender’s details.

A handy status monitor and Bluetooth alerter

To conclude, The Blue Reporter is an interesting and reliable application which aims to keep you informed on the progress of various downloads, defragmentation tasks or other similar long-duration operations, so you will not have to wait around your PC until it completes.

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