Active Table Editor

A reliable stand alone application, that enables you to design or edit data entry forms, as well as import and modify tables from several types of databases.

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Active Table Editor Description

Active Table Editor is a simple to use software that allows you, as a database administrator to design and modify the layout or functionality of a database. You may append tables, data entry forms, as well as create filters, rules and edit SQL commands. The software is user-friendly and allows you to create multiple user accounts.

Create an accessible database for the end user

Active Table Editor allows you to work with large amounts of information that you can add manually in the editor or import from Microsoft Excel tables. You may easily extract data from spreadsheets and insert it in the selected tab. Moreover, each database is accompanied by a layout designer that allows you to customize its interface and functionality.

Moreover, you can easily connect to a database server and adjust its layout for the end users, with the help of Active Table Editor. As an administrator, you may create user accounts, set passwords and change the way they can use the database. Additionally, you may export a certain table, segment of information or entire database to CSV, TAB, HTML or Excel files.

Effective interface for multi-task work

Active Table Editor features a multi-tab display, meaning that when you click on a certain menu, a separate tab opens in the ribbon at the bottom of the window. Thus, it is easy for you to switch between tables and editor tabs with a simple mouse click. Also, each table display features a command ribbon that allows you to modify the rows and columns as well as find a particular piece of information.

The management area allows you to add or modify database server connections, set hierarchies regarding categories, change the layout of menus and monitor users. The SQL editor tab allows you to switch to different servers and search through the available tables.

Simple to use program for database editing

Active Table Editor allows you to make certain databases more accessible to the end user, by modifying their layout or functionality. Moreover, you can easily add or remove tables, categories, data and create filters, queries and user groups. Active Table Editor is simple to use, allows you to customize reports, to import/export data and to sort entries according to certain rules.

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