Quickly compare comprehensive lists and find the missing lines from them with the help of this lightweight and useful piece of software.

  • Text_Comparer
  • Version :1.0.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :PipisCrew

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Text_Comparer Description

Comparing two large lists can be a very annoying and eye-stressing process, especially without the proper tools.

Fortunately, you can employ the services of a lightweight application named Text_Comparer to greatly simplify and speed up the process. In just a few words, this small utility, as mentioned before, can aid you in comparing two lists, as well as in finding the missing lines from each other.

No installation required, as long as .NET Framework 4 is present

Since the application does not require any type of installation, you can swiftly start taking advantage of what it has to offer by downloading it, unzipping its package and running it via its executable file.

Please note that .NET Framework 4 (or later) needs to be present on your computer’s system for Text_Comparer to properly work.

Simple looks and intuitive workflow

The application sports a simplistic and fairly intuitive, symmetrical user interface. The first thing you should know about this app is that it practically comes with two work modes, one of which is named vlookup operation.

To get started, copy the two lists into the app’s side panels hit the ‘Compare Grids’ button from the center of the main window. The application instantly detects and displays the number of lines and unique lines on each side, and it allows you to preview the differences in the small grids, also located more to the middle of the main window.

Compare lists, remove duplicates and migrate certain data from one place to another

Please note that you can load your lists even easier by dragging and dropping them on the required interface sections. Furthermore, for your convenience, the utility allows you to remove duplicates from either list or grid with no more than a mouse click.

Interestingly, with the help of the aforementioned vlookup operation mode, Text_Comparer also makes it possible for you to match the same user defined data on any column between grids by migrating the selected value from one place to another.

Straightforward and efficient app for comparing lists

Taking everything into consideration, while at first glance it might not seem to have a lot going for it, Text_Comparer is an efficient and lightweight app that allows you to not only thoroughly compare two lists but also to migrate part of the data between lists.

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