Generate dynamic templates to integrate with switches and router configurations using raw data, encrypt data templates, manage Java libraries, and more.

  • TemplateFx
  • Version:2.60 Build 17101
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Chris Mason

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TemplateFx Description

Network routers and switches may work their magic in the background, but they do need to be configured and maintained within the recommended parameters. In addition, most of these devices accept commands in a CLI-based form, which can get time consuming and even confusing at times, due to the lack of a GUI.

Create custom data templates

TemplateFx is a software utility designed to lend you a helping hand when it comes to such configurations, by allowing you to create templates from raw data. Hence, you can significantly reduce your workload, by simply adjusting these templates in order to fit various types of devices and entering their specific parameters.

To generate one, you first have to enter the data you want to start from, using plain text to do so. Some restrictions are imposed on you, however, when it comes to the way you structure this information. Thus, you must use clearly-defined rows and columns for the values, as well as separate them using tabs or commas. Otherwise, the application cannot properly interpret the data and the resulting template is not complete.

Import values from Excel spreadsheets

To help you populate the data field more quickly, TemplateFx enables you to import the values from an external document, such as an Excel spreadsheet. As previously mention, the imported data also has to respect the format requirements, regardless of what type of file you are extracting the values from.

Once everything is into place and you have entered both the data and the template information, you can go ahead and generate an output. This function takes the contents of both panels and produces a ready-to-use set of commands that can be easily used to configure the desired device, as well as export them to a ZIP archive for your convenience.

A lightweight and useful template creator

All in all, thanks to the overall simplicity of the entire process, as well as the lightweight and easy-to-use interface, TemplateFx is a handy tool to have around, especially if you are dealing with routers and switches on a regular basis.

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