Use this Microsoft Office Outlook add-in in order to check your emails when sending them and avoid any mistakes if such is the case.

  • SendGuard
  • Version:2.0.6302
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All

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SendGuard Description

Nowadays, in the constant technological rush, those who frequently send emails might, at some point, make unwanted or accidental mistakes. SendGuard is an Outlook add-in that was designed to allow users to check their emails for mistakes quickly, as they are sent. It will offer them several tools for defining the preferred accounts that need to be verified, custom keywords and text strings that need to be accounted for when performing the email checking.

Unobtrusive add-in that will integrate well with users’ installation of Microsoft Office Outlook

The add-in will be easy to access and people will find it under the Standss Outlook Addins tab, where it will provide a single, main menu. Users will be able to define the account for which the email verification will be performed and the add-in supports multiple accounts.

One will be able to start using SendGuard’s features even before attempting any configuration process. When sending any email, the add-in will prompt users with a dedicated window that allows them to add a preferred delay to the selected messages. This fact recommends it to novices right from the beginning, since it will not require any special configuration steps.

Check your emails for unwanted mistakes and errors with this useful add-in that offers customizable warnings

Users will be able to configure the add-in to meet their specific requirements, thanks to its detailed settings module. In it, they will find options for displaying warnings to multiple instances, for example, when replying to emails with multiple recipients (with custom domains).

Additionally, people can choose for the add-in to warn them if they have forgotten to add attachments, depending on several keywords found in the emails. This is highly useful, as it leaves users a high degree of leniency concerning customizing the application’s detection features.

Capable Outlook add-in that will help users check their emails for mistakes and unwanted errors

This add-in addresses those who require a reliable tool for checking the integrity of their emails. It will allow them to perform “on-the-fly” check-ups, warning them if attachments haven’t been added, or if certain requirements aren’t met for the email’s subject. Furthermore, it will allow people to add custom delays when sending emails, in order to achieve the preferred workflow.

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