Make sure that you computer is fully equipped to handle ransomware attacks with the help of this ingenious software solution that combines ransomware detection and blocking features with file recovery capabilities.

  • TEMASOFT Ranstop
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TEMASOFT Ranstop Description

Even though the constantly-evolving nuisance that is called ransomware seems to be kept in check by the top antivirus solutions and default OS security tools, the threat is not exactly vanquished.

Considering the outstanding ingenuity of most attackers, we’re at a point where making everything in our power to detect and stop ransomware attacks seems the only viable option. Probably even more important might be figuring out a way to backup files in case our security solutions hit the skids.

Anti-ransomware solution with advanced under-the-hood workings

Combining both smart anti-ransomware and file-recovery technologies, TEMASOFT Ranstop is an interesting security application that takes on the challenge of protecting your data against ransomware attacks.

It features real-time ransomware detection and blocking engines, but you should know that this is by no means a full-featured security solution for your computer. Instead, it’s meant to be combined with your computer’s antivirus solution in order to fill out possible security gaps that might lead to ransomware attacks.

Intuitive and comprehensive installer

TEMASOFT Ranstop can be used by individuals, but it’s mostly built for companies, firstly based on its pricing plans and secondly on the fact that it does not come with support for Home versions of Windows.

That said, deploying it on your computer requires the presence of Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable and the latest version of .NET Framework. Not to worry, though, since all the components are neatly bundled within its streamlined installer. Mind you, in order for the installation to be completed, a system restart if mandatory.

User-friendly security solution that runs without much user intervention

TEMASOFT Ranstop is capable of running pretty much straight out of the box, without intervention on your behalf. Simply put, its job is to make it as easy as possible for you to automatically recover any files altered by suspicious ransomware attacks from the time they have been detected, until the time they have been blocked.

However, should you want to exclude various files or apps from the backup, view more information regarding the detected threats, change the alerting options, or perform additional actions, you can do so from the utility’s UI which is, by all accounts, intuitive and quite professional-looking.

Its mission? Detecting, preventing and blocking ransomware attacks and, if that fails, allowing you to recover data without having to pay for it

To end with, it’s quite clear that there’s no “bullet-proof” security solution for completely stopping ransomware attacks and, yes, it’s true that it’s nearly impossible to quantify TEMASOFT Ranstop’s success rate.

Be that as it may, TEMASOFT Ranstop is still worthy of your attention, as is any utility designed to improve your computer’s protection level.

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